A Personal Hall of Fame for Favorite authors.

Sarah Dessen

Quite simply, one of the masters of Young Adult Fiction, whose books transcend that genre and are powerful and moving stories that will make the reader both think and feel with think. I’ve read her catalog and pre-order her books without even reading what their subject might be.

Colleen Hoover

The Queen. Nobody does it better. Choosing a favorite CoHo book is like choosing your favorite internal organ. You need them all.

Xanax Jordan

From sweet romance to hot and spicy passion, she can do it all. Coauthor of the Winter Haven Series and author of the Back Door Records Series.

Patty Blount

Arguably the most under-appreciated author I have come across. She writes very serious Young Adult Literature, each of which is among the best books I have ever read. Serious stories about serious problems young people face today. She also writes wonderful contemporary romance with all the feelings and good feelings that entails.

Huntley Fitzpatrick

  While not the most prolific of authors, when she does publish a book, it is a must-read.   Richly drawn characters confronted by real-world problems and reacting as real people do.  Superb world-building and completely believable.  Also, just a fine human being.