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Office Party Has Been Released!


Office Party Jul 1, 2021

Drew Snowden has the perfect job working as a designer at one of the top advertising agencies in the country. Drawing for a living is a dream come true for him. That is until his boss’s cougar ways make his life a living hell. Forced to leave his job behind, Drew vows to never let himself get caught up in the same situation, no matter what.

Taytum Winters loves her job as head of Human Resources at one of the world’s largest greeting card companies, Salutations, Incorporated. Focusing on her career, she thrives on finding new artists to create greeting card magic. When she comes across Drew’s incredible talent in an interview, hiring him is the only option. Even though her feelings toward him aren’t strictly professional, she’ll never cross that line.

Being thrown together to plan the annual office Christmas party isn’t something either of them is prepared for, not one bit.

Can Drew and Taytum overcome their hesitations to give in to their mutual attraction, or will this be just another office party?

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Welcome to my world.

I’m just getting up and running with the website here. Splitting time between finishing my first book, writing the first draft of my second, outlining several more, editing for several authors, and working full time. Add being a family man, and it is going to go slower than I like.

Romance was a genre that I always ignored until I started editing it. I believed the cliches, looked down my nose at it, and dismissed it as, at best, plebeian. I was wrong. I have found it filled with accomplished authors, moving storytelling, great escapes, and thought-provoking ideas. I’ve come to love it, and it is one of my favorite genres now.